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Book - Super Snake by Gregg Dreise


This is the first book in the new 'Scales and Tails' series by award-winning children’s book author Gregg Dreise and the first in a new square format. Told with heart and humour, Super Snake will be a family favourite. 

A charming morality tale, this book tells the tale of the Rainbow Serpent and the creation of the Darling/Barka River. 

In the Dreamtime, the bush was in the middle of a drought. A storm came and Mundegutta Gooriya the Super Snake was created. 

Way back, before Once-upon-a-time there was the Dreamtime and the bush was in the middle of a drought.
After a storm, one large rainbow curved down. The Super Snake slithered down that rainbow on to the earth and promised the Elders he could help them find water. That Super Snake called out, ‘You can’t have a rainbow without water.
‘Dhurraluwi guuma-li — Come together! Wantima — Rise up! Woo
Hard Cover 32pages

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